A Message From Freedom Readers

Dear Freedom Readers Community,

We have experienced many challenges and difficult situations over the past months. COVID-19 ravaged our communities, devastated our economy, and strained our healthcare system and other vital resources.  Today, we stare in the ugly face of violence and injustice that has, once again, taken center stage in our nation.

Children across the nation, including our beautiful and gifted Freedom Readers scholars, are seeing images and hearing dialogue that suggests their lives are disposable. This must stop! Parents, educators, and community members are now tasked with the challenge of having difficult conversations regarding racism and injustice with children of various ages and at varying levels. God help us all.

Freedom Readers is heartbroken and stands in solidarity with those who grieve the loss of George Floyd. We support the peaceful protests across the globe because we wholeheartedly believe that “Black Lives Matter”.  Attention must be given to the voices of the “unheard” crying out for justice.  Changes from those in places and positions of power must come now.  This includes changes in all levels of leadership and from within ourselves.

The Freedom Readers Board of Directors, staff, team leaders, and tutors remain committed to our mission of improving reading skills in low-income communities.  We are connecting with scholars and their families to remind them that they are special, unique, and created for purpose in this world. Freedom Readers is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work. We forge ahead in this mission with optimism, continuing this work, to “inspire today’s youth one book at a time”. Thank you for your continued support of Freedom Readers. In turn, we stand with you and support each of you during these challenging times.

Stay safe,

Dr. Jamia Thomas Richmond

Chair, Freedom Readers Board of Directors