Tutor Spotlight: Dana Rush

Mark enjoys reading a good book!

Mark enjoys reading a good book!

For Dana Rush, Freedom Readers has come full circle.  Her first experience with the program was several years ago when her son, Mark, was in need of extra reading help.  “He was at risk for being held back in school due to being so far behind in his reading level,” she said.  Mark attended the Freedom Readers afterschool program at Seaside Elementary School in Garden City. When the school year ended, he continued Freedom Readers through the summer at Shepherd of the Sea Church nearby. Dana said Mark’s time in Freedom Readers helped him make gains in the classroom.

Dana poses with her Bay Pointe scholars (Summer, 2022)

Dana poses with her Bay Pointe scholars (Summer 2022)

Recently, she reached out to become a tutor, describing herself as “a Mom who is so grateful for the program!”

This summer, she is spending her Tuesdays at our Bay Pointe Apartments site. She made time during her workday to be a part of our program, reading to scholars one-to-one and working with them on public speaking.  To make it even better, her daughter Logyn joined her as a tutor this summer!

Logyn, Dana and their scholars

It’s a family affair: Dana’s daughter, Logyn, is also a tutor this summer!

As for Mark, he is set to begin 5th grade in the fall and loves to read. Dana says he likes graphic novels and nonfiction books on American history or sports figures, like Jackie Robinson. “I truly credit this resource to our family for getting him the push he needed at that young age!”